My Account, My Business Account and Manage Online Mail

The number of services available using My Account and My Business Account continue to grow as the CRA focuses on modernizing its systems and reducing its costs. In many cases, it is possible to file returns electronically through one of the two portals. More recently, individuals can now sign up for the CRA’s Manage Online Mail service to receive notices of assessment and reassessment electronically, rather than by paper.


My Account

My Account provides access to an individual’s income tax account, including carryover balances, credits, etc. Furthermore, depending on the access level, My Account can be used to not only review information, but also to make changes to certain information or tax return filings (see topic 164 for access level information).

My Business Account

Many businesses deal with more than one program administered by the CRA, and in some cases, may have more than one account within a program. For instance, many businesses have more than one payroll account or more than one division requiring them to set up one or more GST/HST accounts. In order to track multiple accounts within multiple programs all related to the same business, the CRA assigns a nine-digit business number to the business to be used across all programs and that remains the same regardless of the number of program accounts. Different programs and program accounts using the same business number are identified by the addition of a six-character suffix to the business number. The first two alpha characters identify the program (for example, RC for corporate income tax, RT for GST/HST and RP for payroll) and the remaining four numerals identify the account (for instance, RP0001 and RP0002 are payroll accounts 1 and 2, respectively).

This system means that a business has access to all of its accounts in most of CRA’s separate programs through My Business Account. It also allows the business to authorize different representatives for different program accounts.

Manage Online Mail

The Manage Online Mail service is an optional service that allows individuals and businesses to receive certain correspondence from the CRA electronically. Once registered, you will receive any correspondence eligible for this service by way of an email notification when the document is available on your My Account or My Business Account (you will not receive a paper copy by mail but can, instead, view online and print if required). Currently only notices of assessment and reassessment, as well as some letters for businesses, are sent using this service. For businesses, that would include corporate and GST/HST accounts. However, the CRA plans to expand the types of correspondence that is sent electronically by this service in future.

To register for Manage Online Mail for a business, log in to My Business Account and click on “Manage Online Mail,” and follow the prompts to select which accounts you want to go paperless. Individuals can register by logging into My Account and clicking “Manage Online Mail,” or they can enter their email address on their T1 return. Individuals can also register by contacting the CRA at 1-800-959-8281.