Convention expenses

If you’re carrying on a business or practising a profession, you can deduct expenses for attending up to two conventions per year. These conventions must relate to your business and must be held within the territory in which the sponsoring organization conducts its affairs. You can also deduct 50% of the actual cost of meals and entertainment incurred at conventions (see topic 11). If you attend a convention at which meals and/or entertainment are provided, but their cost is not noted separately from other convention fees, $50 per day will be subject to the 50% rule.

Expenses must be reasonable, and you should be able to prove your attendance and support your expenses with vouchers.

Tax tip: When your spouse attends a convention with you, the associated cost is generally viewed as a personal non- deductible expense. But if there are good business reasons for your spouse to accompany you, these expenses may also be deductible.