ABI active business income IRA individual retirement account
ABIL allowable business investment loss ITC investment tax credit or input tax credit (GST/HST)
ACB adjusted cost base ITN individual tax number
AMT alternative minimum tax LIF Life Income Fund
CCA capital cost allowance LRIP low rate income pool
CCPC Canadian-controlled private corporation NCB National Child Benefit
CCTB Canada Child Tax Benefit OAS Old Age Security
CDSB Canada Disability Savings Bond PA pension adjustment
CEC cumulative eligible capital PAR pension adjustment reversal
CESG Canada Education Savings Grant PRPP Pooled Registered Pension Plan
CLB Canada Learning Bond PSPA past service pension adjustment
CNIL cumulative net investment loss QSBC qualified small business corporation
CPP Canada Pension Plan RDSP Registered Disability Savings Plan
CRA Canada Revenue Agency REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
CSB Canada Savings Bonds RESP Registered Education Savings Plan
DPSP deferred profit sharing plan RLIF Restricted Life Income Fund
EI Employment Insurance RPP registered pension plan
FMV fair market value RRIF Registered Retirement Income Fund
GIC guaranteed investment certificates RRSP Registered Retirement Savings Plan
GRE Graduated Rate Estate SBC small business corporation
GRIP general rate income pool SR&ED scientific research and experimental development
GST Goods and Services Tax TFSA Tax-Free Savings Account
HBP Home Buyers’ Plan UCC undepreciated capital cost
HST Harmonized Sales Tax UCCB Universal Child Care Benefit
IPP individual pension plan WAC web access code